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Solvent is a specially formulated additive for use with Shalex’s Drive solvent based clear sealer.

Solvent is designed to be mixed with undiluted sealer prior to application of the first coat.

Solvent contains a blend of ingredients designed to assist surface wetting, reduce air entrapment and foaming, assist with flow and improve penetration and adhesion. Solvent is suitable for use where renovating old solvent based sealers and is especially recommended when applying solvent based sealers over dense, smooth or previously coated concrete surfaces.

Solvent may also be used to repair surface defects in the final coating and to wash up equipment or to dissolve sealer.


Solvent should be poured into the sealer slowly and thoroughly mixed. Add Solvent at the rates listed below according to the application or situation. It is to be used for the first coat only.  Adding more than the suggested dilution rations is not recommended and will reduce gloss level, film thickness and film strength.

New Concrete 

(Includes stamped, coloured and stencilcrete)  

Add Solvent at a rate of 1.5 litre of Solvent to 15 litres Drive clear sealer to improve penetration into the concrete.

Slate and hard or dense stone such as granite

Add Solvent at a rate of up to 1 litre of solvent per 5 litres of Drive clear sealer

Repair of scratches and surface defects

Apply Solvent to a rag and wipe over affected area until mark is removed. Do not pour solvent directly onto surface or allow to pool. 

Solvent can be used to remove water whitening. Apply liberally over affected area and work into surface with a broom then allow to dry. Re-apply sealer as required. 

Previously Sealed Surfaces


   Solvent is designed to be used over surfaces previously sealed with a solvent based sealer.
   If the surface was previously sealed with a water based sealer this must be removed.


Where the existing sealer is in very poor condition (eg flaking, peeling) Solvent should be applied neat directly to the surface and worked in with a broom immediately before application of the first coat of sealer. 

If the surface has been previously sealed Solvent should be added at the rate of 1-2 litres of Solvent to 15 litres Drive clear sealer to soften and reactivate the old coating and allow Drive to bond. 

Hot and windy conditions

High temperatures or windy conditions will cause Drive to dry rapidly and this may affect adhesion or make application difficult.

Approx 10% Solvent can be added to Drive to slow drying, extend working time and reduce the risk of bubbling and air entrapment. If solvent is added to both coats a third coat of Drive may be required to achieve an even finish as the solvent will reduce the film thickness.


   • Improve adhesion over difficult or previously coated surfaces

   Improve penetration into new concrete

   Assists flow and levelling of sealer over surface

   Improve wetting of surface and spreading of sealer

   Reduce air entrapment

   Repair of surface defects in final coating

   Removal of solvent sealers



   Multiple uses

   Easiily dispersed into solvent sealers

   Assists application in hot weather



   No. of Coats:



1L = approx 2m² (Dependant on substrate

   Drying Time:

Recoat 2 -4 hours

Dry 12 - 24 hours

   Fully Cured:

7 Days

   Clean Up:

When wet: Water

When Dry: Solvent

   Shelf Life:

12 - 18 months

   Store Below:


   Application Temperature:

5º - 35º


Trowel, Brush or Roller



Pail Sizes

2.5ltr, 5Ltr, 15Ltr, 200Ltr


2.1kg, 4.95kg, 14.1kg, 186kg

Dangerous Goods Class

Class 3 – Flammable Liquid


*Please note that Solvent is classed as a Dangerous Good and International Shipping is not available for this product.



Customers are advised to consider the information in this data sheet in the context of how the product will be used, including surfaces and any other products used. The information provided in this data sheet represents our best scientific and practical knowledge. Any advice, information or assistance provided by Shalex in relation to its products is given in good faith, however is provided without liability or responsibility. Due to the wide variety of site conditions we are unable to assume liability for any loss that may arise from the use of our products. The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products for their intended use.e.





Solvent is flammable and classified as a dangerous good for transportation. We cannot ship this product internationally. We can deliver Solvent to metro areas and larger regional towns however we cannot deliver to all areas of Australia due to restrictions on flammable goods travelling via postal services and with some parcel couriers.
Add this product to your cart and use the estimate shipping and tax feature to view shipping charges to your location. If you are unsure about delivery to your zone please contact us prior to purchasing and we can confirm if delivery is possible.

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