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Waterproof It is a highly flexible elastomeric waterproofing membrane designed for use on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal substrates where movement is to be expected.

Waterproof It exceeds the highest standard required for waterproofing wet areas - AS 4858  achieving Class III, making it suitable for a wide range of waterproofing applications. 

Waterproof It dries grey with a smooth surface finish and remains highly flexible under extreme elongation and under constant exposure to moisture. Unlike bituminous membranes Waterproof It does not soften and attract dirt and stains and has excellent chemical resistance and durability. It may be easily cleaned with mild detergents and water.

Waterproof It is UV resistant and can be used in exposed areas without embrittlement. Waterproof It is a soft coating and not suitable for high traffic areas unless covered with a suitable protective covering such as tiles but will withstand light foot traffic.

Waterproof It is suitable for application over a wide range of substrates including, concrete, masonry, fibre-cement sheeting, plaster board, brick, render, plastics, metal and timber surfaces. Waterproof It may be applied to damp surfaces although freedom from surface water and continual dampness is essential for curing to occur. Damp surfaces will increase drying/curing time. 

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  • All surfaces should be clean, sound and free from dry or loose material. Check for presence of waxes, mould release or bond breaking agents, oils or other contaminants that may affect adhesion before application. Given the wide variety of substrates and site specific conditions, it is advisable to check adhesion prior to job commencement.

  • Moulds, lichen or fungal growth should be treated with a suitable algicide or if unavailable with a dilute bleach solution (1 part household bleach to 2 parts water) to kill any spores. Leave the bleach solution in contact with the surface for approx 10 minutes then liberally rinse with clean water and allow to completely dry.

  • Masonry should be flush pointed. Make good any defects in surfaces. Remove any dags, high points or protrusions prior to application. Any laitance in concrete surfaces should be removed with wire brush or by grit blasting.


waterproofit-no.1-2.png Priming – Porous, friable or dusty surfaces should generally be primed with one coat Shalex’s Sealit Multipurpose prior to application of Waterproof It to ensure adhesion. Waterproof It may also be used as an effective primer by diluting 1 part Waterproof It to 3 parts clean water and mixing well.

waterproofit-no.2.png Apply by trowel, brush or nap roller to obtain a consistent and even coating. Waterproof It can be applied in a single coat to any thickness required, however drying time will be significantly increased. Two thinner coats applied at right angles are preferred and result in faster curing times.

waterproofit-no.3.png The membrane needs to be applied to at least 1mm dry film thickness. If the first coat does not result in a dry film thickness of at least 1mm, then a subsequent coat(s) will be required.

waterproofit-no.4.png Coat all areas liberally working the product into any voids or depressions.

waterproofit-no.5.png Where reinforcing fabric is to be used apply first coat to the required area and while still wet embed the fabric ensuring no air is trapped. Apply a second coat of membrane at right angles to the previous application.

waterproofit-no.6.png Allow to dry before applying screeds, tiles, or any other coverings.

  Product Features

  • Class III membrane complies with AS 4858

  • One component - Safe to use

  • Highly flexible, accommodats movement and minor cracking in substrate - over 300% elongation

  • Waterborne for easy application and cleanup

  • Non staining

  • Suitable for application over horizontal or vertical surfaces

  • Interior or exterior use

  • May be used with or without reinforcing fabrics

  • Permanently flexible, excellent resistance to embrittlement

  • Outstanding adhesion over a wide variety of substrates

  • May be painted over with any acrylic based paint


  Product Uses

  • Retaining walls

  • Planter boxes

  • Roofs, balconies and decks

  • Terraces and podiums

  • Shower recesses and bathroom floors

  • Ponds and tanks

  • General wet areas

  • Interior or exterior use



  If tiling over Waterproof It, ensure the screed is placed over the cured membrane. Do not use solvent based adhesives as these will soften and compromise the performance of the membrane.



  If exposed to weather, do not apply if rain is imminent or if the temperature is below 5°C or above 35°C. Applying the membrane during cold weather, where there is limited or no airflow over the membrane, may result in the membrane failing to dry. In enclosed areas introducing airflow by using a fan will assist in curing.



  Waterproof It has been designed to give an opaque finish when applied to the required thickness. If the substrate is clearly visible through the dried membrane then additional coats will be required to achieve the required dry film thickness.


Movement Joints

All expansion and movement joints between differing substrates should be sealed with a suitable sealant. Reinforcement with polyester reinforcement fabric is recommended where movement is possible. Allow pre-treatments to dry overnight before general application of the membrane.


Apply a  flexible sealant (typically polyurethane), in accordance the manufacture’s instruction and finish to form a solid, coved or 45º fillet extending at least 8mm on to the adjacent surfaces. Once the sealant is dry apply the membrane directly over the sealant and on to the adjacent surfaces. For additional protection a polyester backed reinforcing bond breaker tape can be applied over the sealant before application of the membrane.

Cracks and Gaps

Cracks and gaps should be pre-filled and sealed with an appropriate elastomeric sealant, preferably a polyurethane sealant, and allowed to cure. Visible cracks in the substrate should be pre-treated with a flexible polyurethane sealant or additional coats of membrane.

Larger cracks should be routed out to form a ‘V’ and then filled and sealed with a polyurethane waterproof joint sealant. The sealant should be finished slightly proud of the surface and allowed to cure. Once dry, apply a thick coat of membrane extending at least 50mm either side and allow to dry, then apply membrane to entire surface.

Sheet Joins

Timber or FC sheet joins should ideally be fully coated with a polyurethane sealant prior to butting together and fixing. All joins should be fully filled and finished flush or slightly proud of the surface. Once dry, apply a thick coat of membrane extending at least 50mm either side and allow to dry, then apply membrane to entire surface. For additional protection a polyester backed reinforcing bond breaker tape can be applied over the sealant before application of the membrane.

Waste Outlets, Penetrations and Angles

Floor wastes should be rebated in to the floor to allow water to readily drain and its perimeter edges and gaps completely sealed with a polyurethane sealant.
Plastic or metal angles should be securely embedded in to a continuous, gap free bed of a polyurethane sealant / mastic.


Waterproof It is suitable for use with a wide range of water based cementisious and acrylic tile adhesives. Avoid the use of solvent based adhesives as these may soften membrane. Ensure Waterproof It is fully cured prior to application of tiles.

Retaining Walls & Below Grade Waterproofing

When used on retaining walls and below grade it is important that provision is made for the removal of water from the area through ‘ag’ lines or similar plumbing devices. These should be placed at the lowest point along the footings to ensure they are able to remove all water that builds up behind the wall.

Before application of Waterproof It fill all voids in the mortar joints and remove dags or protrusions before applying the membrane. Ensure the membrane is applied to the entire wall section and extends at least 50mm across onto the footings or slab edge.

Before backfilling, fully cover and protect the membrane with plastic sheeting or corflute. Backfill with free draining material such as coarse sand or aggregate.

Waterproof It should always be applied to the positive side of the wall (the side where water will come from) to ensure it can withstand the hydrostatic pressure. Application to the negative face is not recommended.

Waterproof It is not designed for applications where constant hydrostatic pressures are to be encountered ie structures at or below the water table.

Planter Boxes

The suitability of plants should be considered as some plants have aggressive rooting systems which may damage the membrane over time. Placing fibre cement sheeting over drainage fabric assists in minimising the risk of root damage to the membrane.


  No. of Coats:

1 - 2


1L = approx 2m² (Dependant on substrate)

  Drying Time:

Recoat: 2 - 4 hours

Dry:     12 - 24 hours

  Fully Cured:

7 days

  Clean Up:

When wet: Water

When dry: Solvent

  Shelf Life:

12 - 18 months

  Store Below:


  Application Temperature:

5°C 35°C


Trowel, Brush or Roller



Pail Sizes

5Ltr, 15Ltr


6.35kg 19.8kg

Dangerous Goods Class



Customers are advised to consider the information in this data sheet in the context of how the product will be used, including surfaces and any other products used. The information provided in this data sheet represents our best scientific and practical knowledge. Any advice, information or assistance provided by Shalex in relation to its products is given in good faith, however is provided without liability or responsibility. Due to the wide variety of site conditions we are unable to assume liability for any loss that may arise from the use of our products. The user is responsible for checking the suitability of products for their intended use.





Waterproof It is a water based membrane and not classified as a dangerous good for transportation. We can ship this product to all areas via postal services and have express courier options for selected locations. Add this product to your cart and use the estimate shipping and tax feature to view shipping charges to your location.

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